Heating & Hot Water Installation

The very latest technology in heating and hot water

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It’s very important for large-scale installers such as us to keep up to date with latest developments in heating and hot water technology and engineering. At WPS our strong relationships with the manufacturers of all components of a heating and hot water installation mean that we are kept up to date with new improvements and new products.  We will advise and collaborate with developers, architects and designers to ensure your heating and hot water facilities are installed to the best specification possible.


Out with the old?

The average life span of a boiler is 15 years – and these can creep by quickly without you even realising. As the age increases it becomes less efficient which means you can be loosing money through repairs and energy bills.

A gas fired boiler in a home is also responsible for 60% of carbon emissions from the house! That’s not very green.

However, we can help. One of our specialities is supplying and fitting new, energy efficient boiler systems. These are financially better for you and better for the environment too.